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    Early 2004, the company was supplying many high quality products of different sectors to Iraq. Then the company grew very rapidly and became a leading supplier of various kinds of sectors to Iraq from all over the world, especially from the European Union countries and United States. Presently, our projects are over 5 million US dollars.  Diali Company is willing to supply high quality products to Iraq from all over the world. Please contact us if interested in supplying your products there. Our international businesses have allowed us to communicate with international companies in order to do business with. 

    Diali Company is involved with many tenders in Iraq in many different kinds of business especially in Oil and Gas industry. Diali Company has been able to gain a long experience in this business that helped it to most efficiently and effectively do them within the Iraqi market.

     The Daili Company has a team of engineers are highly capable and experienced and have worked for, and with, many of the huge projects in Iraqi Ministries.

 Products/Services overview 

  • Crude Oil Booster Pumps
  • Chemical injection system
  • Power distribution panels & junction boxes
  • Control cables
  • Instruments and accessories
  • Hot Oil Unit for The Oil Plant Control and Refinery Systems.
  • Drilling Machinery: Drilling Rig Components; Drill String and Accessories; Power system and control.
  • Pipelines.
  • Wellhead Equipments.
  • Solid Control System: Shakers, Centrifugal Pumps and etc.
  • Well Control System: BOP, Manifold, Valves & BOP Control System and etc.
  • Complete Safety Equipments
  • TrigridMax Dehydrator/Desalter Package 2010©. All Rights Reserved.
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