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About Us 

Mission Statement: 

     Our mission is to be the number one trading company in the Iraqi market. It is our object to lead our of company to a new horizon on an international level that goes a long with our willingness and strong desire of our management to obtain such high ranking in the business world. 


    Diali Company for Trading and Engineering  was established in 2004, with its head office in Amman and branches in different parts of the Republic of Iraq. Diali is well established & well known among the clients of both governmental organizations and other private sectors in and outside the Republic of Iraq. Diali has a very good networking with businesses all over the world that can ease the development of any new partnership or cooperation especially in Iraq.


    The company is mainly dealing in supplying, importing and distributing of various kinds of products in oil and gas sector as well of power generators products from USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Far East. These days, w e are one of the leading suppliers to Iraq.   

 Key Employees of Diali:

   The Daili Company has a team of engineers are highly capable and experienced and have worked for, and with, many of the huge projects in Iraqi Ministries.



Harith Mohammed Darraji                                          Mohammed Ali Mohammed

Msc Management Information Systems                       Bsc. Accounting

Experience: 14 years                                                  Experience: 19 years


Nabeel Shabeeb                                                        Saleh Fayyad

Administrative                                                            Bsc. Civil Engineering

Experience: 30 years                                                  Experience: 30 years


Mohammed Ateir

Projects Manager

Experience: 11 years

Sabah Noury Saleh

Bsc. Electrical Engineering

Experience: 15 years 2010©. All Rights Reserved.
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